Pink Flamingos

A fun reminder of vacations gone by, and those yet to come! We have flocking fabulous gifts for the flamingo lover in your life! 


Lil' Pink Flamingo Kiddie Pool Float


Our Big Mouth Lil' Pink Flamingo Kiddie Pool Float was designed for the cutest ‘mingo in the flock! Why fit in when you were born to stand out! We assume your little one follows in your footsteps—big personality with an appetite for laughs...

Pool Party Glass Markers

$12.99 $5.00

No matter the reason or season add our Pool Party Glass Markers to your glass and they'll instantly bring back a flood of warm memories of fun in the sun! (and keep wandering hands from accidentally sipping your drink!) First, can we just say major props...

Inflatable Flamingo Snack Serving Ring


Our Inflatable Flamingo Snack Serving Ring is ready to serve up the fun at your next party, so you can focus on being single and ready to mingle! Birds of a feather flock together, and what will everyone remember about the party you hosted? The food! So,...

Pink Flamingo Air Freshener


Funky Cherry Scented FlamingoWhat's a flamingo smell like, pink?   Heck if we know...   But we DO know that our Pink Flamingo Air Freshener smells like cherry! While your car may look like it's straight from the flamingo-laden ponds of...

Flamingo Tropic Tacks Pushpins


Get a leg up on organization with our Flamingo Tropic Tacks Pushpins! A flamboyance of flamingos has taken over your corkboard, wading to get your notes organized! Fred's Tropic Tacks are standing tall on useful pushpin "legs" to hold down bills,...

Flamingo Sound LED Key Light


Flaming-go where no other flamingo has gone before!  This handy fella will be happy to add a bright shiny spot to your day with it's impressive LED light! Pink flamingos don't just look great in your front yard... they look fantastic hanging in your...

Flamingo Flexmark Bookmark


Our pretty in pink Fred and Friends Flamingo Flexmark Bookmark is perfect for keeping your place when you go take a dip in the pool! Because sometimes you need to take a break from your book and stretch your legs... err.. leg. This stretchy silicone...

Giant Flamingo Snow Tube Sled


Birds of a feather sled together Our Giant Flamingo Snow TubeSled is taking a break from his Florida retreat to spend some time on the slopes! The race to the bottom of the hill is neck and neck... You know what they say... birds of a feather sled...