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Pink + Lavender Tropical Sunset Wrist Watch
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Pink + Lavender Tropical Sunset Wrist Watch

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Our picturesque Pink + Lavender Tropical Sunset Wrist Watch is a playful combination of these two dreamy colors fading into one another; akin to an awe inspiring sundown before twilight encompasses the land.

Now you may be shocked to hear that some scientists do not believe the color pink actual exists! Their argument is based on pink being a combination of red and violet, yet these two colors are as far as they can get from one another in the color spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) - they're basically opposites. The theory is that pink can’t exist in nature without a little rainbow-bending help, which would allow the shades of red and violet to commingle. So, basically these scientists insist that the color pink is just a fabrication of our brains merging these two colors - red and violet - together. A figment of our imaginations... So, we're all crazy right?? But it makes it all the more magical, right! We basically wished pink into existence! Proving opposites do indeed attract!

So for any true believer, and lover of pink this watch will set their heart a glow!

One Analog Alloy Quartz Wrist Watch. Pale pink and lavender faux leather strap measures 9.5 inches long and features with buckle closure. Case measures .25 inch deep. Face measures 1.5 inches in diameter. Our Pink + Lavender Tropical Sunset Wrist Watch is a bright idea for a gift!