Plates + Bowls

Our fun and unique assortment of bowls, plates, chip bowls, egg holders, and more will make you want to actually sit down at a table to enjoy your meal, instead of cramming your face in front of the TV!  Great gift ideas for people like to eat and have fun.  Think you might know anyone like that?

Dinner Winner Plate Gastronaut Edition


A fun treat for your little space cadet! Create an atmosphere of fun at mealtime with our Dinner Winner Plate Gastronaut Edition!  An engaging mealtime adventure, Fred’s award-winning Dinner Winner provides eat-as-you-go action that...

Cupcake Snack Cake Snack Cup


Our spill-proof Chill, Baby Cupcake Snack Cake Snack Cup, is the icing on the cake of the fun and fantastic, yet hair-raising, toddler years! Cleverly designed to look like you're stowing away a cupcake in your diaper bag, it's an adorable way to stash...

Inflatable Flamingo Snack Serving Ring


Our Inflatable Flamingo Snack Serving Ring is ready to serve up the fun at your next party, so you can focus on being single and ready to mingle! Birds of a feather flock together, and what will everyone remember about the party you hosted? The food! So,...

Taco Truck Taco Holders


Ice cream truck, shmice cream truck... we'll take a truck filled with delicious crunchy tacos any day!  Meals are always more delicious when the come from a trendy food truck! This incredible duo of Taco Truck Taco Holders, perfectly cradle your...

Dinner Winner Plate


We'll See You At The Finish Line! Our bright and colorful Dinner Winner Kid's Plate makes food fun!  Designed like a board game, kids will race to the dinner table! The goal is to get to the finish line, where a special hidden treat...