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Poopy Pen
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Poopy Pen

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If you've got a ton of crap to doo our Poopy Pen is a craptastic choice for crossing out items on your list!

Designed to look like you're holding an actual piece of sh*t in your hand (not to be confused with your ex-boyfriend/or girlfriend) you're guaranteed to get some strange looks. Is it cat poo? Tiny dog poo? It definitely looks like it's been exposed to air for a little while, as it's not shiny - butt a natural matte brown with some realistic track marks.

Whether you decide to do it in public, or in the comfort or privacy of your own home, it will make shitty tasks all the more tolerable as you acknowledge and poke fun at the crappy reality of the situation. Growing to-do lists, shopping lists, X'ing out pictures of your shitty ex. It's really up to poo! Err... you!

A fun gift for the turd on your holiday list. Or your inner child who has not grown out of the hilarity of potty humor. Butt really, what's better than a piece of poo in your stocking at Christmas! It will be like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo made a special stop, just for you!

One shitty poo brown poopy pen. Measures approximately 3.5 inches long and .75 inch in diameter. Any fans of Captain Underpants out there and Professor Poopy Pants? We shit you not, they'll love our Poopy pen the most!