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Potato Clips Bag Clips


They're all that and a bag of chips!*

The ultimate gift for chip-sters, our Potato Clips Bag Clips will keep your snacks fun and fresh with the authentic appearance of an actual potato chip!

A visual pun for the humor impaired. We're about to Lays it on you, whether it Ruffles your feathers or not.

Fred’s Potato Clips is a set of 4 bag clips that are so handy we bet you can’t use just one! The realistic wavy potato-chips and tortilla clips are double sided and constructed from durable ABS plastic.

A unique and oh-so-appropriate gift for coach potatoes! You put your hand upon my chip, when you dip your chip I clip.

Set of 4 ruffled potato chip shaped bag clips designed by Fred Studio. Our Potato Clips Bag Clips is hip gift for foodies! *Chips not included.


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