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President Trump Troll
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President Trump Troll

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Wild Hair Creations President Trump Trollâ„¢

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Meet the President Trump Troll. The greatest collectible for both fans and foes.

Because being President of the United States takes character and there's never been a character like this before. He's always got something to say.

"My hair, my hair is SO LUXURIOUS! You can style it to the Left or to the Right. It doesn't matter. Everybody loves me! If someone doesn't love me, I don't care. They're LOSERS."

"I am the BEST EVER! All other collectibles are losers. SAD."
– @realDonaldTrump  j/k!

Each high quality sculpted troll is 5 inches tall, made from durable PVC and showcased in a colorful gift box. Topped with wild hair that you can style, each figure fully captures the most famous details and features of the man himself.

* Perpetual Kid is a diverse company of happily coexisting folks from all sides of the political landscape. Our political products do not represent the views of the company.  We just think a lighthearted approach with humor is the best medicine during these times.  So... Please no mean emails to our lovely people in our customer service department.

Have fun America and embrace the greatness. Grab one for yourself and a friend today, and MAGA with our President Trump Troll!