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Procrastinate Like There Is A Tomorrow Gum


Dance like everyone is watching!

Our deliciously cheeky Procrastinate Like There Is A Tomorrow Gum is a fun little gift punctuated with minty flavor and biting humor!

Behold a cool and minty present with a message that is sure to strike a chord with your habitually late friend.  Now, don't be put off by the dainty size, it's a clever alternative to a greeting card and a glorious way to express your wit.

Are you seduced by instant gratification? Enjoy a lazy day on the couch putting this off? Familiar with the panic and thrill of getting thing down right under the wire? Make sure to get one today! Oh who are we kidding... just throw one in your cart and we'll send you a reminder.

8 pieces of candy-coated, mint-flavored gum in each box. Features a carefree swinging retro beauty decked out in thigh highs and high-heels. This tiny pack measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall. Another fun + unique gift by Blue Q it's our Procrastinate Like There Is A Tomorrow Gum!

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