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Actual Wonderful Person Tag Socks

by Blue Q

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They really do exist! ✨🌈😊✨

Officially label the best of the best, the unicorns of the human world, those undeniably stand out individuals with our Actual Wonderful Person Socks! A fun gift for the genuinely awesome person in your life, these socks feature a fun knit design with colorful woven tags.

  • Actual Wonderful Person Tag Socks
  • When questioned if you’re the real thing - just have them check your tag for authenticity!
  • Handsomely woven tags sewn on the outside: Actual Wonderful Person; and a rainbow pattern and sparkles.
  • Made with organically grown cotton, knit in a unique pattern for extra comfort, class, and a bit of sass.
  • A thoughtful gift that will make them feel on taupe of the world!

Taupe knit socks, with colorful tags. Fits women's shoe size 5-9, and men’s shoe size 4-8. Made of 92% organic cotton, 7% polyester, and 1% spandex. Surprise them Christmas morning with this extra special stocking stuffer!