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Are you familiar with the walk of shame? No, the other walk of shame - from your car to your house door realizing you forgot to get the main thing you originally went out shopping for?

Yeah, well, our All Out Of Magnetic Pad is here to save the day and your sanity. With a magnetic backing, slap this bad boy on your fridge, and ditch the fallible mental notes!

  • All Out Of Magnetic Pad by Knock Knock
  • Relying on mental notes got you down? Introducing the miracle of checking off depleted items as you go!
  • Simply tick off depleted items as you run out (or write them in) then when you're ready to go shopping, just tear off the sheet, so you replenish with ease and certainty!
  • Includes check-boxes for popular items in the following categories, along with fill-in-the-blank boxes to write your own!
  • Fruit, Dairy, Bread, Snacks, Pet Stuff, Vegetables, Frozen Food, Cereal, Condiments, Household, Canned Goods, Pasta & Grains, Toiletries, Backing, Sauces & OIls, Meat & Fish, Beli, Vegetarian, Deli, Spices, Beverages, Paper & Wrap, and Oh Yeah, (blank for freestyling)
  • A fun gift for roommates,  head of households or chief meal planners!
Pastel notepad includes 60 sheets and has a magnet back so it can stick to your fridge. It measures approximately 6 inches wide x 9 inches tall. Our All Out Of® Magnetic Pad is here to solve all your all-out-of-list needs—yay!

Knock Knock - All Out Of Magnetic Pad


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A Must Have

I love this notepad! I normally write my shopping list in my notebook and tear the pages off. Not anymore! It's convenient for my household. Anyone can mark off what we need or if we're low on supply. My hubby can now just mark off what he needs, instead of telling me he needs shaving cream or deodorant. No more telling me when he's off to work (because I tend to forget). Thank you!

Premade Grocery List!

It's a good pad, has nearly everything you could ever need to buy for your day to day stuff in the house. It even has blank spaces in case you need to note something in yourself. I wish it came with a magnetic pen or something too!

Carmen S.

i love this! it has a box for almost everything so while I'm at the store i never forget a thing!

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