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Antisocial Butterfly Gel Pen Set

by Snifty

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Embrace Your Introverted Charm

For all the indoor girls who find comfort in their solitude, we proudly present the Antisocial Butterfly Pen Set! Embrace your unique personality with these beautifully packaged gel pens, each adorned with witty sayings that will resonate with your introverted soul.

Our Antisocial Butterfly Pen Set includes six pens, each with its own delightful and relatable saying:

🦋 Antisocial Butterfly
🦋 Ew, people
🦋 How about, no
🦋 Busy ignoring you
🦋 Fluent in awkward

Whether you're journaling, jotting down ideas, or simply doodling away, these pens will be your trusty companions, empowering you to communicate your thoughts with a touch of humor and charm!