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Attitude Of Gratitude Nifty Note Pad

by Unknown Vendor

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Psychologists, neurologists, woo-woos, gurus, and fairy godmothers agree...

Gratitude is essential to happiness! And our nifty Attitude Of Gratitude Note Pad will allow you to swiftly develop a habit of expressing appreciation for all different aspects of your life. It's as easy as checking a box!

Have fun while you reap the benefits of taking stock of the good stuff and sharing your appreciation with others, yourself, and the Universe!

  • Attitude Of Gratitude Nifty Note Pad
  • A checklist for stuff you're grateful for = magic!
  • Stuff I'm grateful for: You, me, the ocean, new sneakers, rain, baby animals, campfire smells, popcorn, binge-worthy tv, tacos, and more!
  • Oh yeah, and... anything else you can think of!
  • Hope you feel all the... Feels, effort this took, good vibes, magic pixie dust, love & TLC, and more!
  • A postively thoughtful gift for family, friends, and coworkers!

When life is tough (and also when it's amazing), a little gratitude makes it better, somehow. It soothes the heart, calms the brain, and conjures the good vibes - a real superpower in these crazy times! So yeah, it's basically magic. (and magic is meant to be shared!)

50-sheet gratitude checklist note pad. It measures approximately 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall. Our Attitude Of Gratitude Nifty Note Pad is a gift they'll be thankful for!