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Awesome 80's Board Game

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Cordless phones, Rubik's Cubes, and Boomboxes, oh my!

If you have an undying love of the 1980s, or desperately wish you had held on to your sticker book collection, let your first-hand knowledge (and that absorbed from watching hours upon hours of Pop-Up Videos on VH1) shine, like the disco ball hanging from the center of your local roller rink, with our Totally 80's Trivia Board Game!

  • Awesome 80s Board Game
  • Jump in your imaginary DeLorean and go back in time with this nostalgic board game that guarantees a totally awesome time for the whole family!
  • Includes 500 questions involving Movies, Sports, Music, and Cultural Affairs
  • The ultimate gift for anyone who is an 80s child or wishes they had been one!
  • We recommend that you blast 80's music for the best possible experience.

Includes questions such as:

  • Which nuclear reactor exploded in 1986?
  • Which famous wall was taken down in 1989?
  • In the original cartoon series, Transformers, what was the name of the Autobots arch-enemy?
  • In which year was the cartoon ThunderCats first air?

Now pull up your leg warmers and take a journey back to the decade that everyone loves!

Made in the UK! The game board box measures approximately 9.6 long x 9.6 wide x 2.5 inches tall. Features recognizable 80s icons such as roller-skates, cordless phones, boomboxes, BMX bikes, Rubik's Cubes, VHS tapes, and more! Our Awesome 80's Board Game is suitable for ages 12+. Gameplay for 2-6 players.