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We pity the fool who doesn't appreciate a Bag of Fool's Gold! (Mr. T voice) It's a golden opportunity to give kids a little booty in their stockings this year! Can you dig it?

As the name (and price!) suggests, this bag is not filled with gold. Rather a poser called iron pyrite (which sounds an awful lot like pirate) which mimics the look of gold, but is lighter and more brittle. That's how it earned the nickname Fool's Gold for innocently faking miner out during the gold rush. Think - Thar's gold in them hills! What the hell Bill, this ain't gold! Sike.


  • A fun replacement for a lump of coal.
  • Kids will think they struck it rich!
  • Enjoy giving the gift of a little booty treasure!
  • Arr! It's a Pyrite's life for me!
  • We Schist you not - It's totally fun for adventurous kids to play with!


  • Well, it is a con.
  • You cannot cash this sack in for an early retirement and home in Tahiti.

So while in this case, you can't fake it till you make it, many other do appreciate this stone for another reason! Inline with metaphysical beliefs, it's said to shield you from bad energies, while promoting emotional well-being and good physical health.

Things we learned today:

  • Polished slabs of pyrite were used in ancient times as mirrors.
  • During medieval times, in Germany, it was called Cat's Gold or Katzengold.
  • The mineral pyrite sometimes forms into perfect cube shapes. While it looks totally man-made, it's a natural phenomenon. Totally cubular!

3.5 oz of iron pyrite. Brassy yellow in color and chunky in appearance. Comes packaged in a natural drawstring pouch, just like the old time prospectors might have used. Has the words "Fools Gold Nuggets" stamped on the side. Our Bag of Fool's Gold is the perfect stocking stuffer!

Geo Central - Bag of Fool's Gold


Customer Reviews

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Mary H.
Love it!

The best price for the best size nuggets around. I got the sack and it seemed small and I was disappointed but then I dumped them into my hand and I had a handful of good sized nuggets! I got 7 bags for my 6 kids for St Patrick’s Day. We always go on a gold hunt and this year I decided to surprise them with something extra special! They’ll flip! I’d definitely buy again next time I need fools gold! Thanks!

Michael D.
I'm rich!!

So happy with this purchase... I quit my job today... Going to be an amazing way to end 2020. Thanks perpetual kid!

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