Become a Laird or Lady

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Fancy owning a wee bit of Scotland, wouldn'y ya?

Looking to trade in your boring miss or mister title for something a wee bit fancier? Our Become a Laird or Lady Gift Tin will give you the documentation you need to legally change your name to Lord/Lady (Your Name) on your official documents like licenses and such! Oh, and you will own a one-square-foot plot of land in Scotland!

And, if you ever decide to go to Scotland to visit your plot of land, the kit entitles you and a guest to a free tour of Dunans Castle in Argyll, Scotland! The tour includes an introduction to the history, progress and aims of the Dunans Heritage Project, taking in the castle, bridge and grounds, as well as revealing the exact location of the Laird or Lady's plot!

Become a Laird or Lady Gift Tin
Legally change your title to Laird or Lady by owning a 1 foot x 1 foot plot of land in Scotland!

• What’s inside?
• Your gift explained
• Directions to Dunans fact sheet
• History of Dunans fact sheet
• Life as a laird or lady leaflet
• Dunans castle infographic poster
• Dunans castle postcard
• Registration sheet

Tin measures approximately 8.5 inches long x 6.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall. Your gift recipient will receive lifetime access to Dunans including Dunans Bridge and the tallest tree in the UK.

Become a Laird or Lady Gift Tin

How do I register my gift?
You can register your gift online at and follow the instructions given.

How long do I have to register my gift?
You need to register your gift before the ‘register by’ date on your gift registration booklet. We recommend that you register your gift as soon as possible.

How long does it take for me to receive my certificate and Proof of Title card?
These will be dispatched within 28 days receipt of your registration details. Occasionally, factors outside of Gift Republic’s control may affect delivery times.

Do I have to use my new title?
No, you can continue to use your original title. However, you will be entitled to use ‘Laird’ or ‘Lady’ instead should you wish to do so!

Can I call my self a Lord?
No. The title ‘Lord’ is a British aristocratic title. In no way does this gift allow you to call yourself a Lord.

Can I visit my plot?
Yes. We urge you to visit your land! By registering this gift, you and a guest (adult or child) will be entitled to one complimentary tour of Dunans Castle and its grounds. Details on how to get to Dunans will be sent along with your certificate and Proof of Title card.

There are three scheduled tours a week which can be booked. Please contact Dunans to pre-book your tour before visiting to avoid disappointment. Contact details will be sent to you with your certificate and Proof of Title card.

Upon registration you will be provided with the precise co-ordinates of your plot of land. With a tape measure or equivalent, this will then enable you to locate your exact plot within the grounds! Laird plots enjoy a wonderful view of the castle and are just a stone’s throw from the Alt a Chaol Ghleann river.

Are there any other perks with this gift?
Yes! Having registered your gift, you will be able to take advantage of a number of additional perks. These are outlined in your Life as a Laird or Lady booklet which forms part of this gift.

Can my land and title be inherited?
Yes. Provided that Dunans Castle are informed of the changes, your title and land can be passed on.

Gift Republic - Become a Laird or Lady


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Perfect gift for any Lil' Laird or Lady

Great product that allows you to purchase a square foot of land and have a title sent to you titling you a Laird or Lady in Scotland. Plus you gain free admission and tour of the castle in which your square foot of land rests, as well as the exact location of your land on the castle grounds. Pretty cool novelty gift to give.

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

I bought this as a gift for my sister's birthday. Upon realizing what she held in her hand, her response was "I'M A MOTHERF****NG LADY!!!!!!" I couldn't have asked for a better response.

Yes M'Lady

I got this as a gift for my friend. She used to dream of being a princess or having a title just like in the movie "What a girl wants." Anyway it blew her away!! She was almost beyond words! She is going to frame the official title with her name, it comes a month later after you register. Basically =AMAZING!! She is even going to get her personalized stationary with her title on it! How cool it that?

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