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The Beer Belt 6-Pack Holster

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Locked and (about to get) loaded

Even if you don't have the perfect beach body you’ll ab-solutely want to show off your 6-pack when sporting our Beer Belt Can or Bottle Holster! This camo-colored handy dandy hydration belt is perfect for when you plan on shot-gunning a bunch of beers.

Load it up witih your drink of choice! - we prefer to keep our silver bullets close at hand.

  • Nicely holds six 12 oz cans or bottles
  • 100% cotton camouflage design
  • Fits perfectly under your beer belly
  • Adjustable belt for 30-54 inch waistlines
  • Unixsex one size fits all! XS - 4XL

Perfect for mowing the yard, tailgating, family reunions, music festivals, camping, grilling, parades, and long romantic walks on the beach. A fun gift for outdoors loving beer drinkers.

100% cotton. Army green camouflage. Adjustable. Fits sizes XS - 4XL. Securely carries 6 cans or bottles around your hips or waist. Look ma! No hands! The Beer Belt 6-Pack Holster is the perfect Father's Day gift!