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In-Flight Bingo Passport Wallet

by Fred

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So, how was your flight?

Plane and simple, our Passport Bingo Wallet will make any flight more tolerable, if not downright entertaining, no matter how maddening. Each square contains a possible in-flight event. Enjoy gems like: sat next to a hottie, got a little drunk, crying baby, sat next to a talker, weird smell, service animal, bare feet (not mine), seat kicker, and more!

  • In-Flight Bingo Passport Wallet
  • Feeling trapped, bored, or pretty lucky? Play a game of airplane bingo to pass the time!
  • Answer the inevitable question by sharing a visual of exactly how your flight was.
  • Snap a pic of the cover and mark up the "bingo card" with a photo editor on your phone!
  • Its fun retro design has a swanky Catch Me If You Can vibe.
  • Features a passport flap, three card slots, an extra pocket for cash or small travel documents, etc.
  • The TSA line has never been this much fun.

Maybe you'll experience a trip out of a rom-com where you sit next to your future love interest, get a little buzzed, perhaps join the mile-high club, and arrive early. Or possibly it will be the flight from hell where you have motion sickness and can't tell if it's the turbulence or the child constantly kicking your seat. Of course, we hope it's the former!

Made from durable vegan leather. Passport Bingo measures 4.2 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall when closed. Charlotte Saul, Fred Studio. Our In-Flight Bingo Passport Wallet is the perfect gift for those with wanderlust.