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Always Be A Unicorn Socks

by Blue Q

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Introducing our Always Be A Unicorn Socks! Also know as Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be A Unicorn Then Always Be A Unicorn Socks! We're not going to say that it wasn't a struggle to fit all those words on a sock, but we're also not going to say it wasn't worth it.

Since you were a child, everyone's always told you to always be yourself. This is terrific advice... unless of course you could be a unicorn. Unicorns are magical, always do the right thing and they have a horn! Don't you wish everyone could be a unicorn?

And maybe, just maybe, this means identifying with the unicorn as your spirit animal, and when the opportunity arises, you unleash your inner unicorn and become the most beautiful, magical, mythical, version of your self. Yeah, that's the one.

This legendary pair of socks features a single pink unicorn, with a pastel rainbow horn, chiilling on top of a yellow hill, out gazing at the stars on clearly pondering the awesomeness of being said unicorn.

A fun gift to keep folks on their toes! A cool way of saying - we thought you might like a gentle, everyday reminder keep on rocking. Or, at least, to fake it 'til you make it. And unicorns are awesome.

PLEASE NOTE: There’s no “right and left.” All Blue Q socks feature panoramic art - which means they're awesome from every angle. Our sassy phrases fall on the outside of your right leg, and the inside of your left.

Now, if you're in love with this image and saying, you can get this scene on a pack of gum, as well as a pencil case!

Fits women's shoe size 5-10. Made with 58% soft luxurious combed cotton, 40% nylon for strength and 2% spandex for long lasting fun. Pink, yellow, blue. Our Always Be A Unicorn Socks are the perfect fit!