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Be Bold Or Italic Never Regular Zipper Pouch

by Blue Q

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A fun gift for word nerds.

Our cheeky Be Bold Or Italic Never Regular Zipper Pouch helps you keep your priorities in order. Oh, and all of your doodads too.

So while you're out there doing your thing, remember not to lose yourself or your collection of pens, lip balm, bobby pins or anything else small that you don't want to get lost in your cavern of a bag.

At first, this bag was going to say "Be Helvetica or Copperplate, Never Ever Papyrus." But then we thought it might be a little too niche.

It's just the type of gift that writers and email/instant messengers enthusiasts will be very font of. Others may simply not ampersand.

95% post consumer recycled material. Measures approximately 7.25 inches tall x 9.5 inches wide. Art by Wasted Rita.