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FREE SHIPPING today on orders of $75+

Cats! Socks

by Blue Q

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Our purr-gundy Cats! Socks are absolutely purr-fect. Especially if you if you like to draw attention to your and your crazy cat lady status! Lucky you! The number of cats on these socks, may just outnumber the litter of kittens and grandcats you have in your life. Just maybe!

Meow, wait a second... are you a cat lover? Are you a making-fun-of-cat-lovers-lover? Meh. Either way, say hello to your newest favorite sock! These outrageous (in a good way!) socks are made of high-quality combed cotton so you can wear them over and over, for as long as your cat shall live.

PLEASE NOTE: There’s no “right and left.” All Blue Q socks feature panoramic art - which means they're awesome from every angle. Our sassy phrases and graphics tend to fall on the outside of your right leg, and the inside of your left.

Includes one pair of burgundy socks with light orangey-pink (dare we say peach, coral, salmon?) toes and plastered with crazy hand-drawn kitties in various positions and the words CATS! CAAAAATS!! CATS!! plastered all over them. Fits women's shoe size 5-10. Made of 53% soft luxurious combed cotton, 45% nylon, and 2% spandex. Our meow-nificently excited Cats! Socks are a great gift for cat lovers!