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Handy Yeti Lunch Tote

by Blue Q

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Throw your big, flat, rectangular hands up if lunch is your absolute favorite meal of the day!

The best is yeti to come and won't it be grand strolling into the office or classroom with our abominabley cute Handy Yeti Lunch Tote?

This fella may have a frighteningly large appetite, but he's really an ice guy! He's willing to chill out with you and protect your lunch on your hangriest of days.

Tote'lly styling and fun, it can be used as a lunch bag, a little carryall or even a reusable gift bag! Will they like it as the gift itself? We bet our big foot they will!

95% post consumer recycled material, woven polypropylene. Measures approximately 10 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep. A fun gift for lunch eaters and tote users of all shapes and sizes. Art by Takao Nakagawa.