I'm Not Emotionally Dead, But It Sounds Amazing Gum

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Emotionally exhausted from being dragged by the drama llama? Our I'm Not Emotionally Dead, But It Sounds Amazing Gum was made for you.

You know what they say: the grass is always greener on the other side of the emotionally-dead fence!

Ahhh. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to take a mini (or permanent) vacation to The Land of No F*cks Given? Forseriously though. Just imagine the dramaless bliss... That will give you something to chew on!

So yeah, if you just happened to burnt out from being pulled into to BS narratives and caring to much about what people think about you when they've got it dead wrong, the emotionally dead zombie lifestyle is probably sound pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good about now. Maybe someone can come and install an off switch to our feelings? Or how about this - we have a better idea. Tell those emotional vampires to save the drama for their mamas, k?

A gift of witty biting humor, that happens to be chewy and delicoius! Can't we just live. Yes we can!

Includes 8 pieces of candy-coated cinnamon flavored gum in a dainty box. Measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall. Cheap & Chewy! Made in Canada. We love Canada! Our I'm Not Emotionally Dead, But It Sounds Amazing Gum is perfect for when you can't even.


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