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Lip Shit Orange Mango Lip Balm

by Blue Q

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Orange you glad you found this mango-nificent lip shit?

You'll soon sea that discovering our Lip Shit Orange Mango Lip Balm is nearly as exciting as stumbling across a new mermaid + seahorse pal!

We have never really understood the whole strapless bathing suit thing, but this merlady is really rocking the look. Maybe it's her accessories? Flavored with orange and mango.

Delicously orange and mango flavored Lip Shit will protect your lips and keep them moist in just about any environment you put them in. Whether you're on the slopes or kick back onthe beach! It works great on chapped and sunburnt lips, pouty lips and smile so big your face is about to crack lips!

There's a good chance you'll end up using this product every day. But not just because of this adorable lil mermaid riding a seahorse while holding a trident, but because it actually works better than your other lip balms! It's a thoughtful gift for your mermaide loving, lip balm obsessed pal. And of course yourself of course!

Metal pocket-size tin contains .3 oz of orange and mango flavored lip balm. Made in the USA. All Natural. Vitamin E fortified. Featuring 23% Beeswax to moisturize & protect lips, it also contains Coconut Oil, Sunflower, Oil, Flavor, Lanolin, and Rosemary Extract. Blue Q employs a workforce of individuals with and without disabilities working together to assemble this product. It's easy to sea, our Lip Shit Orange Mango Lip Balm is the right choice!