Makin' Waves Mermaid Ankle Socks

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Socks so lovely, they'll make mermaids wish they had feet!

Our Makin' Waves Mermaid Ankle Socks are so lovely they could leave the most content of mermaids wishing she had feet to wear them on!

This beautiful raven-haired sea maiden is designed to mimic the old school American tattoo style from the WWII era. This vintage buxom beauty is just the type of gal Sailor Jerry and his mates would be proud to wear on their arm!

Now, we have no idea how this gal's hair and makeup are so perfect under water, but clearly she's got some info that we don't. Hali'but we're not gonna hold that against her though, because she's super soft and lovely. Oh, and so are these socks.

These legendary socks are a thoughtful gift of mythical proportions. This little mermaid (well actually she's more of a screaming siren) will certainly capture the hearts of beach going beauties, tattoo lovers, the mermaid obsessed, and anyone that has an affinity for the ocean. For shore shell me backing waves wherever she lands!

Fits women's shoe size 5-10. Made with 53% soft luxurious combed cotton, 46% nylon for strength and 1% spandex for long lasting fun. Pink and olive green. Our Makin' Waves Mermaid Ankle Socks will make a big splash with mermaid lovers!

Blue Q - Makin' Waves Mermaid Ankle Socks

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