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Unless You Fell Off The Treadmill Gum

by Blue Q

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Cleverly attack over-sharing

Our Unless You Fell Off The Treadmill Gum is the best way to break it to your overactive, overachieving friends that you've heard enough. In this day and age of social networking, over-sharing is a common occurrence. Trust us, we're thrilled to hear that you're a size four and you're sweating it out at the gym. No, actually, we're not.

It's not your fault, naturally. These sites do not hand out guidelines for what people actually give a crap about hearing, and you were apparently blessed with good looks instead of self-awareness and brains. Luckily our "Our Unless You Fell Off Your Treadmill And Smacked Your Face"gum will help you humorously get this point across to these wayward health nuts.
We're completely content-checking our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts from our cozy couch with our pile of comfort food. Your tales from the gym are better suited for another audience.
Includes 8 pieces of mint flavored gum in a dainty box. Our Unless You Fell Off The Treadmill Gum measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall.