Build Your Own Stonehenge Mega Mini Kit

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Classic Rock that stood the test of time.

Our rockin' Build Your Own Stonehenge Mega Mini Kit is a puzzle and miniature model all in one! Now you can explore and replicate the magic of this extraordinary perplexing prehistoric monument right at your desktop!

In the past, it was believed that only giants, wizards, Druids, and aliens were extraordinary enough to have built the mythical Stonehenge, but our kit makes it easy for everyone, whether you can map a ley line or not.

What could have possessed an ancient civilization to drag more than 150 rocks over steep land and waterways to the Salisbury Plain? (aliens)

To this day the answer remains a source of contemplation for the greatest of scholars, and now you can join in the speculation! (aliens)

A cool gift for anyone entranced by Stonehenge or Faerie gardens! It's a fun item and conversation piece to have on your desk at work, Plus, it's cheaper than a trip to England

Expert Tips:

  • You can take it to the next level by putting it in a terrarium or on a flat-round planter covered in Irish Moss- like your own little Stonehenge Desktop Garden!
  • You can just use the cardboard puzzle base as a map rather than using the rather annoying little cardboard insert.
  • The numbering on the bottom of the stones is a bit difficult to read, so you may want to make sure you have your reading glasses or a bright light handy!

Build Your Own Stonehenge includes 16 stone replicas, a beautifully landscaped puzzle map (about the size of your hand), and 32 page guide by author Morgan Beard explaining the mysterious building of this ancient wonder. Base is a puzzle and is about the size of your hand. A fun stocking stuffier for budding archaeologist our Build Your Own Stonehenge Mega Mini Kit is a wonder-ful gift!

Running Press - Build Your Own Stonehenge Mega Mini Kit


Customer Reviews

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Linda A.
Let the rituals begin

Mini Stonehenge is perfect for any Pagan friend. Impromptu ritual? No problem. It's right there at your fingertips!

Carolyn B.
Stonehenge for the Faeries

I’ve had my eye on this Build Your Own Stonehenge Mini Kit for some time, so when I decided to create a new faerie garden at Summer Solstice time, this was the perfect opportunity to purchase it. Perpetual Kid had the best price I could find online, and delivery was very quick. It arrived in good condition with all the parts included. The tiny booklet telling the history of Stonehenge was an added bonus. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

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