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Butter Stick Pool Noodle

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Butter lovers will be naturally drawn to this pool floaty 🧈☀️

Are you missing an essential ingredient in your recipe for summer fun? Our impressively large Inflatable Stick of Butter Pool Noodle is here to fill that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach, and provide some well-deserved belly laughs!

  • Enormous Stick of Butter Pool Noodle
  • Really, it's 5-Feet Long?! You'd butter believe it!
  • Designed to look like a stick of butter, wrapped in the iconic wax paper protector we all know and love. Now, that's a TBSP of butter we can get behind, or rather ride on top!
  • We know... we can't believe it's not butter either! But rest assured, it will not melt in the sun, and you will not end up sauteed, but please do lather up with sunscreen so you don't fry!
  • It's a Grade AA choice in gifts for the sun-worshiping butter lover!
  • Perfect for pool parties, hanging out on the lake, or bopping your sibling in the head!

A fun gift idea! Go on and butter up your favorite love muffin with a ginormous stick of butter that will make them melt!

Made of vinyl. Easy to inflate. Measures approximately 60 inches long x 10.2 inches tall x 10.2 inches wide. Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! This is our favorite floaty of the year! Stick it to the heat this summer, with our Enormous Stick of Butter Pool Noodle!