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Cat Astronaut Mints

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Ground Control to Major Tomcat

Take your Cat Astronaut Mints and put your helmet on.

When Cat Astronaut has its head in that glass helmet, bad breath is the enemy. Which is why he purrfurs to use Cat Astronaut Mints before and during all of his missions! And when this catstronaut returns from meow-ter space the last thing he wants to do is have you get all up in his purr-sonal space with your funky breath. Save yourself and others with these hiss-erical mints!

  • Colorfully illustrated tin of mints
  • Features Russian Blue Cosmonaut in International Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit
  • Galactically great, meteorically minty
  • Good for tuna breath
  • Creates an inviting purr-sonal space

Officially endorsed by space kitties from every nation, these mints' daring mission is to freshen your breath so it doesn't smell like something died in there.

Little known facts about space cat!

  • Space cat needs space from your terrible breath.
  • Space cat can hear a can of cat food crack open from 253 miles away.
  • Space cat purrfurs you refer to him as Fuzz Aldrin

Each 3 inch x 1.5 inch x .5 inch tin contains .85 oz. of mints. Meownificantly sized for a stocking stuffer treat our Cat Astronaut Mints by Archie Mcphee are the purrfect gift for cat lovers.