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Heat Sensitive Color Changing Mood Pencil Set

by Snifty

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#moody #awesome

Hold all the fun and nostalgia of a mood ring, in your hot little hands, with our fun Color Changing Mood Pencil Set!

This super cool gift pack features seven scantron-worthy #2 pencils, with black eraser tops, and make everything more fun! List making, test taking, homework, puzzles, even filling out paperwork is more tolerable! Plus it gives folks (whom are thinking of invading your personal space, while you have a pointy potential weapon in hand) a fair warning.

All feature fun sayings:

  • HAPPY or HANGRY red to orange
  • MEH or YAH! orange to yellow
  • NAUGHTY or NICE green to lime green
  • SLAY or SLEEP blue to light blue
  • SWEET or SASSY purple to pink
  • GLAD white
  • MAD black

Includes 5 pencils change color with the heat of your hand, 2 stay the same!

Set of 7 #2 sharpened wood pencils. Our Color Changing Mood Pencil Set is a fun and unique gift idea or stocking stuffer for students, teachers, lovers of stationary!