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Craft Beer Lollipop

by Unknown Vendor

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Style: Stout

Revolutionize the way you party down with our Craft Beer Lollipops that are shaped like craft beer bottles and available in three crafted flavors. What better flavors of custom beer than pale ale, classic lager and chocolate stout for these hand-poured lollipops.

Inspired by some of the all-time classic brews so if you enjoy the taste of a hearty pint of ale, you’ll love every lick of these lollipops. It’s the great taste of beer without the dreadful hangovers since there is no actual beer in these candies, just delicious beer flavor.

  • Pale Ale, Classic Lager or Chocolate Stout flavors
  • Hand-poured
  • Taste of craft beer on a stick
  • Individually wrapped lollipop

Select one. individually wrapped lollipop weighs 1oz. and is approximately 4 inches long (not including stick) Made fresh and hand-poured in the USA. Contains soy.