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Official Crayola Crayon Magnets

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If you can smell this picture, you had an awesome childhood

Isn't it totally cray-cray how the sight of a fresh box of Crayola Crayons can inspire a childhood flashback of epic proportions? Take for example our Crayola Crayon 3D Magnets... It's like a mini time machine of awesomeness, recalling carefree hours spent coloring inside (or outside) of the lines, with not a care in the world, except for when your grilled cheese sandwich would be ready.

  • Box of Crayola Crayon 3D Magnets
  • Includes 5 vibrant 3D crayon magnets in a rainbow of fan-favorite crayon colors
  • Razzmatazz ⋆ Macaroni and Cheese ⋆ Screamin' Green ⋆ Robin's Egg Blue ⋆ Purple Mountains' Majesty ⋆
  • Adorably packaged in the iconic yellow + green Crayola Crayon Box you know and love
  • Comes with a 48-page mini book on the history of Crayons
  • Perfect for displaying artwork (or bills) on the fridge, playroom, or office!
  • A fun and colorful gift of nostalgia!

Set includes five crayon-shaped 3D magnets, in a rainbow of colors. Packaged in an iconic crayon-box-shaped gift box, with a 48 page miniature book explaining the history of Crayola Crayons. The gift box measures approximately 3 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep x 4 inches tall. Bring some color to your space with our Crayola Crayon 3D Magnets!