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Crazy Cat Dude Men's Socks

by Blue Q

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They're out there!

It's time we came together as a country and understand that yes, men can be crazy cat ladies too. Were they born like this or is this due to their nurturing? Having a p*nis does not mean you can't be cat crazy!

Warning signs of a crazy cat dude:

  • Spends more time asking the cat how their day was than how your's was.

  • Eats on the floor out of a bowl so the cat doesn't have to eat alone.

  • Already owns these socks.

  • Grooms himself by licking.

Fits men's shoe size 7-12. Includes one pair of men's socks. Made of 50% soft luxurious combed cotton; 48% nylon; 2% spandex. A great gift for dads, brothers, husbands, uncles or yourself! Our Crazy Cat Dude Men's Socks are like catnip your feet.