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Dead Bird Hide-A-Key

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Flew the coop and forgot your house key, again? 🪹‼️🐦

It's not as if a key will magically fall out of the sky and land in your hand! Now a dead bird, on the other hand... Okay, not so likely either, and thank goodness! But our drop-dead funny Dead Bird Hide-a-Key is the cheeky solution to absent-minded fowl-y!

  • Dead Bird Hide-A-Key 🗝️🪦🐦
  • Your secret is dead safe with him!
  • This bluebird of happiness has the classic markings of an untimely cartoon death. Both eyes X'd out eyes, with a tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. Possibly it just got hit by an Acme anvil?
  • The not-so-fluffy underbelly of this feathered beast contains a hidden compartment to stash your emergency key in plain sight.
  • A fun housewarming gift! After all, know what they say! A key in the bird is worth two in the bush! Erm, well, you know, something like that!

Ideal for placement in the garden near your growing collection of garden gnomes!