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Mini Desktop Church Confessional

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Forgive me Father for I have sinned... it has been.. damn it all to hell, I don't know long it's been!

But we must confess that our Desktop Confessional is hella convenient and sinfully hilarious! Sure, it's a tad bit unorthodox, sacrilegious, blasphemous, and whatever, but you can simply absolve those sins and any other immoral acts from the comfort of your own office!

TBH, if you make a habit of doing sinful things, it's really nun of our business. Simply press (or genuflect) your fingers on the kneeler of this stylized mini confessional to receive a daily dose of absolution! All of the conscious clearing, slate-cleaning, goodness with none of the penance!

  • Mini Desktop Church Confessional
  • Charming miniature replica of the classic confessional booth (you know, the one that strikes the fear of God into you)
  • Pull back the curtains, press down on the kneeler, and see the screen light up in the back of the booth. The 'priest' will say "Tell me your sins" When you've finished, lift up your fingers from the kneeler and the 'priest' will say "You are forgiven."
  • A humorous 32-page illustrated mini-book accompanies this elegant mini confessional booth.
  • Shout out to all of the sinners out there! Holler!

We pray that this irreverent gift will be a delightful gift for those church-going folk with a cheeky sense of humor. Most importantly, those family members and friends who survived Catholic school, filled with ruler-wielding nuns, with nasty attitudes.

Gift set includes an electronic, talking, light-up miniature confessional, and mini book "Let's Confess" by Jackson Menner. Gift box measures approximately 3 inches wide x 1.95 deep x 3.8 inches tall. Our mini Desktop Confessional is a hell of a good time!