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Desktop Soapbox: You Have a Lot to Say

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Give them the platform they deserve 📦📣

A miniature homage to the impromptu speaker stand or years gone by, our Desktop Soapbox kit comes with a mini megaphone and is primed and ready for their rally cry! A perfect opportunity for folks to air their opinions. Encourage them to get on their soapbox and let it all out!

  • Desktop Soapbox: You Have a Lot to Say
  • Lets others know you have important things to say..
  • Just use this mini megaphone and soapbox to voice your thoughts and opinions.
  • A gift that is heads and shoulders above the rest! Perfect for passionate activists and friends, family, and coworkers with a few things to get off their chests!
  • Includes 3 x 2 1/2 inch mini soap box and mini megaphone, a 32-page illustrated mini book "Tiny Toolkit for Big Speeches" and one sheet of 2 full-color stickers to customize your soapbox box.
Gift box measures approximately 3.4 inches tall x 3 inches wide 2.5 inches deep.