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Dino-sore Dinosaur Bandages

by Unknown Vendor

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Kinda-sore or dino-sore?

If these Tyrannosaurus Rex bandages had only existed millions of years ago, those meteor sized boo boos could have saved the dinosaurs! Apply one of these Dino-Sore Bandages and your ouchie will be extinct in no time!

Can these help you heal? You bet Jurassican they can! We dino what to tell ya besides you'll need these to survive the next big rock!

Includes 18 sterile bandages. Each bandage is a die-cut of a kawaii cute dino. Each bandage measures approximately 1.8 inches tall x 1.7 inches wide. The paper box measures approximately 3 inches wide x 4 inches tall x 1 inch deep. Our Gama-Go Dino-Sore Bandages bring humor to an otherwise devastating paper cut situation.