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Hey now! Check out that package…

... of six speedo-clad muscle men drink markers! No need to worry about misplacing your drink when our cheeky Drinking Buddies Drink Markers on duty, everything will be hunky-dory!

These strapping young men are sure to attract wanted attention, and keep your drink easily identifiable too! Not only can you tell by the color of their swim trunks, but you can also call them by name - as is printed on their rears!

  • Set of 6 sunbathing, beefcake, boy toy drink markers
  • Drink-guards on duty: Brad, Chad, Josh, Ryan, Cody, or Mitch
  • Hang one of these fellas on the side of your glass to mark it as your own
  • Each guy measures approximately 2 inches long

A hilarious and functional prop for bachelorette parties, girls' nights, picnics or anytime the drinks are the main course on the menu! And although they're primarly designed to hang-out on the side of your drink, they're ready to go along on your adventure filled holiday for plenty of fun hyjinx and photo ops!

Set of 6 drink markers. Each marker measures 2.2 inches long. If you're looking for a broad-shouldered babe to keep an eye on your drink, our Drinking Buddies Drink Marker make the mark! An awesome gift for your girlfriends!


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