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Emergency Moustaches

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Instant Disguise or Dose of Dashing!

Ever been in a pickle needing a quick disguise? Or perhaps you've dreamt of looking like a movie star with a suave moustache? Say hello to our Emergency Moustaches!

These nifty little life-savers come in easy-peasy individual wrappers, perfect for pockets, purses, or even under your pillow (for those late-night moustache emergencies!)

Each box is like a treasure chest, filled with six swanky styles. Whether you're aiming to dodge someone at the grocery store or just jazz up your look for a Zoom call, we've got you covered.

Pop one on and presto! You could go from Joe Average to 'Mysterious International Spy' or 'Charming Artist' in a flash. So, are you trying to vanish into a crowd or add some pizzazz to your style? Either way, our Emergency Moustaches are your go-to for a quick change or an instant charm boost!