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Everything Hurts and I'm Dying Sticker

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A dazzling overreaction

Our painfully funny Everything Hurts and I'm Dying Holographic Glitter Vinyl Sticker is sore accurate you may literally die laughing. Okay, so maybe you'll just be dying to find an awesome place to stick this totally relatable sticker!

Remember those tall sticker vending machines, where you'd have to stand your quarters up straight up on their ends and push the metal tray for it to dispense? Well this awesome sticker totally reminds us of you'd find in there, and also you're old.

  • Teal text printed on silver holographic glitter vinyl awesomeness
  • Perfect for laptops, tablets, and wherever you feel like sticking it!
  • Sticker measures 1.2 " x 2.75 "
  • Made in the USA

It's like you wake up one morning, and you hurt. Go to hard at the gym yesterday? Sleep wrong? Or maybe, as your grandma would say - you're no spring chicken anymore. If you or anyone else can identify with these symptoms gift this sticker immediately and don't call us in the morning.

Weatherproof. Not dishwasher safe when applied to a water bottle. Die-cut so it’s easy to pull-off. Our Everything hurts and I'm dying glitter sticker is everything.