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Tektite Extraterrestrial Impact Stone

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Phone home, your mom is looking for you...

Whoa! Rocks made from meteors smashing into Earth! The only thing cooler than that is having some. We make it easy and fun with a Tektite Extraterrestrial Impact Stone!

Earth's own cosmic ping-pong balls! Formed when meteorites play "smash and melt" with Earth stuff, these glassy pebbles take a wild ride up into the sky, only to gravity-glide back down. They get a bit of a makeover on the way back, morphing into sleek, aerodynamic shapes, like nature's own space shuttle souvenirs!

It's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer and it's way more fun than getting coal! It comes with a rock sample and some information included about how they're formed.

A great gift for rock enthusiasts! It's definitely something to phone home about!

One Tektite Extraterrestrial Impact Stone. Features card with information measuring approximately 3.5 inches wide x 6 inches tall.