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F*cking Meetings Candle

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Smells like this could have been an email...

Our angst-poured Fucking Meetings Candle is for anyone that has been called to a meeting that was really about nothing... or at least should've just been a group email regarding the subject. The candle has a bourbon in coffee scent and the label reads, smells like this could have been an email... and this is why I drink.

Really Karen, did you really have to schedule that meeting for 6:15 pm on a Friday? All to tell us you'd put feedback in the PowerPoint? Because you couldn't put that in a fucking email? Don't worry, I'll text you all my feedback on Saturday around dawn.

  • Bourbon in my coffee scent
  • Double wick burn time: 60 hours
  • Handmade candle
  • Perfect gift for co-workers

Fucking Meetings candle is handmade, no two are identical. 17 oz. Burn time is approx 60 hours. Bourbon in my coffee scented. Meetings, because some people just like to hear themselves talk.