Amethyst Crystal Soft Touch Face Mask + Stone

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A mask for your resting peace face

Hand-dyed to resemble this positively peaceful purple stone, our Amethyst Crystal Soft Touch Face Mask + Stone will assist with your well-being in more ways that one! Known as the stone of peace, amethyst helps you to feel more grounded, tranquil, and calm - something we can all use a little more of lately!

  • Hand-dyed in the USA
  • 100% 3-layer cotton mask
  • Super soft, lightweight, non-pleated
  • It's like a comfy t-shirt for your face
  • Genuine Amethyst crystal included!

A thoughtful gift for crystal lovers! A pocket-sized amethyst crystal accompanies your mask, and makes this set perfect gift giving! It's a wonderful stone to meditate with, and a perfect companion to carry with you wherever you go.

100% 3-ply cotton jersey fabric mask. Measures approximately 6 inches across x 5 inches top to bottom. Mask is pre-soaked, dyed, rinsed, and gently washed. Our Amethyst Crystal Soft Touch Face Mask totally vibes the CDC recommendation for face-coverings.


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