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Complaint Sticky Note

by Unknown Vendor

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Why wait for Festivus? Air your grievances year-round!

Address unpleasant situations as they occur with our Complaint Sticky Note! Document the situation with hilarious accuracy, and outline a resolution with this cheeky notepad. Fill in the blanks and circles!

  • Complaint Sticky Note
  • To: _________________
  • Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute
  • Whose fault: ○ Yours ○ Ours ○ Other ________
  • Desired outcome: ○ Apology ○ Explanation ○ Litigation

A funny, tongue-in-cheek gift for self-proclaimed "Karens" or those who are too timid to address the situation face-to-face. Either way, they will definitely break the ice with some much-needed humor!

Includes 100 self-adhesive 3-inch x 3 inches fill in the blank notes. This pastel version of Knock Knock's Complaint Sticky Notes is a hilarious white elephant gift for those who love to complain or prefer the confrontational route!