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Chill Out Fishbowl Eye Mask

by Fred

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It doesn't get much betta than this! 🐠

Life can be exhausting. Make time for some rest and relaxation underneath the see with our convincingly realistic Chill Out Fishbowl Eye Mask! Clearly designed to look like the inside of a classic fish tank, complete with gravel, goldfish, plastic plant life, bubbles and all!

  • Chill Out Fishbowl Eye Mask
  • Need an o-fish-al time out? Place this uncanny mask in the freezer 20 minutes before use, apply to closed eyelids, and enjoy! You'll tank us later!
  • Sleep with the fishes - the non-mafia way of course!
  • Fred's Chill Out eye mask is BPA-free and skin-safe.
  • A clever gift idea for a carp load of loved ones needing a break!
  • Eye-deal for relaxation o-fish-ianodos!

When staring at the aquarium isn't doing the trick, let them keep watch as you get some much-needed shut-eye!

BPA-free. The eye mask measures approximately 7.25 inches across x 3.3 inches tall. Do not microwave this product. For that matter, don't try to make sushi out of these little fellas, either. Just relax under the careful watch of this fun-loving pair of goldfish.