Genuine Turquoise Communication Crystal Bracelet

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Our Genuine Turquoise Communication Crystal Bracelet can help you tell people exactly what's on your mind (whether they like it or not!)

This mystical pale blue-green stone is believed to...

  • Unlock inner wisdom (you know how you're so good at giving other people awesome advice? why not take your own advice for a change)
  • Enhance spoken and written word (will help you be express yourself more genuinely, not free you from grammar and spelling mistakes ;)
  • Inspire creativity (once you tune in and tune out your creative juices will start flowing)
  • Protection (enchanced powers to ignore the haters)

And if you don't believe in this stuff, that's all well and good. And no, we're not interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge, or swampland in Florida. But hey, it can't hurt to bring the right energy to our day! Even if you don't believe in the healing power of crystals, there's also the known benefits of color therapy, and the old school method of tying a string around your finger to remember something like... think before you speak, speak from the heart, and being your authentic self will release your creativity.

Natural Turquoise stone chips. Stretchy bracelet measures approximately 7.5 inches in diameter. Associated with the Throat Chakra to assist you with communicating the truth and articulating your inner wisdom, our Genuine Turquoise Communication Crystal Bracelet will be a hit with anyone wearing yoga pants.


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