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Get In My Belly Handy Tote

by Blue Q

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Someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach...

But luckily, that someone is also not wearing any pants. Mice have all the luck! Our Get In My Belly Handy Tote features a wide-eyed mouse sizing up a giant hunk of Swiss Cheese. It's the perfect lunch sack, and ideal for traveling! It's easy to fold, easy to clean, sturdy, durable, and cute as hell. What more can you ask for really?

  • Cheeky (or should we say squeaky) "Get in my belly!" phrase
  • Super cute munchy-having mouse with a ginormous block of cheese on a teal background
  • Playful contrasting green and white stripes on the sides
  • Woven from 95% recycled plastic
  • Easy to carry, and wipe clean
  • Holds a lot of snacks!

This mighty awesome tote, makes an great lunch bag, a cute gift bag for the Big Cheese, or wine and cheese carrier!

Measures 10 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep. Made of 95% post consumer recycled material. Our Blue Q Get In My Belly Handy Tote is strong, sturdy, and built to last!