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Gnarly Garden Gnome Iguana Attack

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Iguana be left alone.

Gnome means gnome. This Lizard King issued a warning, and the gnomes did not abide. Our totally Gnarly Garden Gnome Iguana Attack features the gory outcome of what happens when you bother a hangry, mostly-herbivore prehistoric creature, with your infectious cheer, around snack time.

  • Gnarly Garden Gnome Iguana Attack
  • A hilariously twisted version of the classic garden gnome
  • This gnome gnashing lizard will stand as an unfriendly warning to the gnome survivors of this massacre and help keep them at bay. For now that he's acquired a taste for these tiny garden dwellers, he'll be hunting them all day.
  • Made of durable poly cast resin for indoor and outdoor use year-round
  • A fun gift for lawn ornament collectors and kitsch lovers

Measures 10.6 inches long x 7.6 inches deep x 5.6 inches tall. Constructed of poly cast resin for outdoor or indoor use all year round. It measures approximately 6.1 inches deep x 5.3 wide x 8.7 inches tall. Our Iguana Attack Garden Gnome is an attacky gift for pals with a twisted sense of humor.

Kwirkworks: Gnarly Garden Gnome Iguana Attack