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Go Away Garden Gnome

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Set clear boundaries with our Go Away Garden Gnome!

Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the flower bed this morning! This fed-up gnome is the epitome of the Grumpy Old Man trope and he wants absolutely nothing to do with your shenanigans!

Maybe his "no soliciting' and "no trespassing" signs were not working, or one too many balls from neighborhood kids landed in his yard. Whatever the case, this little fella is not afraid to tell you exactly where you stand with him, and that should be the hell off his property.

  • Go Away Garden Gnome
  • Why take a chance of sending mixed signals?
  • This small, but mighty pissed-off garden gnome will send a clear message.
  • Irate garden gnome, flipping-the-bird, while standing next to his gnome-made Go Away sign.
  • Standing 9 inches tall, he is suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • A cheeky gift for a fun-loving prankster, or perpetually annoyed friend or family member.
  • Perfect garden, yard, and desktop decor!

Measures 9 inches tall. Made of weather-resistant poly-resin. Need help establishing boundaries with a narcississt? Our Go Away Garden Gnome will do the talking for you!