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Grumpy Old Man Apron

by Blue Q

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Back in my day we didn't even have aprons... 🍖👴

We just wiped our dirty hands on our shirts!

Our Grumpy Old Man Apron covers several bases. It provides a cool checkerboard retro diner vibe, protection while cooking (keeping Sir Grumps-a-Lot less messy), two extra large pockets for his cellphone, car keys, butterscotch candies, and tooth picks, and it provides newbies a much needed warning to the grumpy ole man zone they're about to enter.

  • Grumpy Old Man Apron
  • There he is, walking on air he is, fairest of the fair he is: Grumpy Old Man.
  • This stylish apron features retro cool, black and white checkered board design with red accents and large pockets.
  • Generously sized and made from sturdy, 100% heavy cotton twill, with extra-long waist ties, and an easy to adjust neck strap.
  • A gift for your favorite, lovable and mouthy stick in the mud.
  • Disclaimer: They may pretend not to like this gift, or appear to begrudgingly wear it, but somewhere deep inside, they're beaming with pride.

You know who you are. We know who you are. Everyone knows who you are. Stand tall, and be proud of your grumpy demeanor and don't be afraid to put those young whippersnappers in their place.

Made from soft, extra-sturdy, 100% heavy cotton twill. Extra-long waist ties, handy pockets, easy-adjust neck strap. Measures 31 inches x 28 inches.