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Hedgehog Stress Toy

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The Stress Hog: A Pinch of Humor in Every Squish! 🦔

Is your day feeling spikier than a hedgehog's back? Has work got you feeling, well, hedged in? Presenting the Stress Hog Toy: The ultimate answer to a prickly day!

Feeling Prickly? Turn those spikes of stress into squishy chuckles with your new friendly desk companion. You'll absolutely ADORE your stress hog!
  • Tran-quill-ity: When the world seems a bit on the hedge, squeeze and stretch your stress away. Inner peace is just a squish away!
  • Unique & Hoggable: Unlike other stress balls, this one's not only squishy but also so lovable. It's hard to keep your hands off it (but don't worry, no hedgehogs were harmed in the making).
  • Perfectly Sized: With a depth of 5.00 inches, height of 2.75 inches, and width of 3.25 inches, it fits snugly in your hand, ready to tackle anxiety one squeeze at a time.
Know someone who's a bit spiky before their morning coffee? This hedgehog quill be the talk of the office! A ideal prick-me-up gift.

Perfect for stressed-out souls, the nature-curious, fidgety fiddlers, and of course, every hedgehog enthusiast!