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Buster's Poop Spare Key Hiding Spot

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Shit... this is a good idea!

Na-na na-na boo-boo... you're willingly sticking your hand in this doo doo!

It's groundbreaking... The latest in Home Security technology... It's doogy dookie! What better place to hide the spare key than our crap-tacular Buster's Spare Key Dog Poop Hiding Spot! No self respecting burglar would be caught touching poop!
  • Let's be honest. If you're a dog owner... it's likely not the first time you found yourself digging through crap to find a lost item.
It's the perfect hiding spot for your spare key, as desperate times call for desperate measures! For your senior moments when you manage to lock yourself out with a head full of curlers, or for the times you need to sneak back in the house after breaking curfew!
Plastic. Measures approximately 1.75 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide x 4 inches deep. Graciously unscented.
Disclaimer: Perpetual Kid is not responsible for any actually touching the said poo and using said hidden key in a commission of a poo related crime.